Speed Up Your Computer

Slow computer leaving you restless and frustrated? We’ve all been there, but don’t despair. There’s so much we can do for you and your slow computer. Before you throw it out read on, and you might just save yourself the cost of a new computer. 

Omniscot How To Speed Up Your Computer

Many companies that offer to ‘speed up your computer’ do little more than run 3rd party software on your computer or Apple Mac. They delete temporary files, remove unused applications and defrag your hard drive. Though worthwhile exercises, these methods are at best, temporary fixes which have no lasting impact. 

Omniscot is a computer repairs specialist based in Inverness. With more than 20 years’ experience we fix and upgrade Apple Mac desktop computers and laptops, all from our Inverness-based centre. We have found that there are three key ways to speed up your computer and achieve lasting improvements. The method(s) chosen will depend on the age and specification of your computer. For a recommendation tailored to your exact requirements, please get in touch. 

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