Privacy Policy

What types of personal data do we collect?

  • Subscriber name, type, address, telephone or fax numbers, email address or IP addresses for billing, support and customer service purposes; 
  • Subscriber representative name, job title, address, telephone or fax numbers, email address or IP addresses for support and customer service purposes; 
  • Limited financial information from credit reference agencies to assess the risks in granting credit to your account; 
  • Documents to confirm your identity and your address for fraud prevention purposes.

How do we obtain this personal data?

Personal data is provided to us by you in a number of ways such as:

  • When ordering and paying for services, obtaining customer service or support, or entering the details directly through our website or any other means (e.g. our control panel, live chat, telephone, email, online ticketing system, fax, physical mail or similar systems)
  • Using automated means such as using cookies when accessing our websites;
  • Using third-parties to collect non-personal information such as which web browser you are using, or the search term you used to find us using a search engine. What do we use this data for?
  • For processing new orders, upgrade orders renewal orders, creating invoices or credit invoices;
  • To register ancillary services with external providers (such as for domain name registration, SSL certificates, PCI compliance scanning and similar services);
  • For correspondence between from us to you for operational or billing reasons;
  • To release to law enforcement or other third-parties when required to ensure compliance with the law of either the country your services are hosted in or in any legal jurisdiction binding upon us;
  • For accounting, service provision, customer service and debt recovery purposes, which may involve data sharing with trusted third-parties contractually bound to maintain the privacy principles within this policy;
  • To provide to your end-users if you are reselling our services to allow such end-users to contact you (the information provided will be limited to your subscriber name, telephone number and email address as entered in our control panel).

How do we keep this data up-to-date? 

  • Any data held by us about you must be kept up-to-date by you at all times which can be done by editing the data inside our control panel; 
  • If we become aware of such information not being kept up-to-date or being reliable we will use reasonable endeavours to update the information, or to request that you update it; 
  • If you cancel your account with us such data will be held for a period of time to comply with our legal obligations and to ensure you comply with yours and will then be safely destroyed. How do we protect the data?
  • We use industry best-practice to protect any sensitive or non-sensitive data we store including the use of firewalls and encryption, where appropriate;
  • In very limited cases your data may be viewed by third-party suppliers exclusively for the purposes of maintaining and supporting of our billing and operational systems. Any third-party supplier is contractualy bound to keep such information confidential and not to transfer a copy of this outside of our control for any reasons;
  • From time to time it may be necessary for us to collect or transfer data outside of the European Economic Area. At all times we will protect such data with equal or better data protection than that required by the laws of any competent legal authority binding upon us such as implementing firewalls or data encryption.

How can I access this data?

The law in the European Economic Area requires that we provide you with specific rights to access any personal data we hold about you. In order to access this data you can request this in writing to our registered office address and we will provide such information upon receiving payment of a processing fee. 

Do you use cookies on your website? 

We use cookies which are essential for the operation of our websites and related systems, such as to allow you to login to our control panel to manage your website, or to purchase services from our online stores. We use performance cookies including those provided by third-parties such as but not limited to Google Analytics and YouTube to improve your user experience on our websites and for performance monitoring purposes. 

By using our websites and related systems you agree to us placing these cookies on your device. If you do not agree to us placing cookies on your device you may configure your device to reject cookies but you may not be able to use our website or associated services.

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