Apple ID Troubleshooting

Problems logging into iCloud, iTunes or the App Store can sometimes be baffling to resolve. We can guide you through the process of restoring access and get you back up and running.

Your Apple ID controls and protects your access to all of Apple's online services, so any problems with your account can cause issues and errors across your devices.

Starting with resetting your basic login details we can step you through the process of setting and verifying your security details, which devices have access to your account, and if desired activating two-factor authentication on your account.

Once your account has been recovered and secured, we'll help you get all your devices (iPhone, iPad and Macs) talking to your iCloud account again. We'll also ensure that your mobile devices are backing up properly and any information you wish to sync between them is working properly.

Location & Availability

Our workshop and studio is conveniently located in the Two/8 Studios building at 28 Church Street, Inverness IV1 1EH. Loading bays are available outside the studio, alternatively Rose Street carpark is only a few minutes walk via the bus station.

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