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Our Dingwall workshop will be closed for the month of June. Our Inverness branch remains open as usual with all services and staff being available from that location. All phone numbers and email address remain operational as normal.

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Virus & Malware Removal


You might think that viruses and malware only affect Windows PCs, but the truth is they can affect any computer, including Apple Macs—even if you already have up-to-date virus software in place.

As technology advances virus technology gets sneakier too, meaning they can find their way into your system in ways you would have never thought of. They present themselves in different ways—sometimes in the form of threatening popup messages or replies to emails you never sent. Viruses are also clever enough to disable your anti-virus software, rendering it useless and requiring extra help to fix.

We have the special tools, software, and know-how to clean your system from all types of malicious bugs and spyware. If our full-system scan reveals that your machine is severely infected, we can discuss other options to back up your files and restore the computer to factory settings so you can start again with a clean slate. From there, we can advise on preventative measures to help keep your machine safe in the future.

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