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Our Dingwall workshop will be closed for the month of June. Our Inverness branch remains open as usual with all services and staff being available from that location. All phone numbers and email address remain operational as normal.

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Data Recovery


Are deleted files really gone forever? Not necessarily! We all know what it’s like to experience a sudden hard drive failure or accidentally delete important files you swore you had backed up already. Fortunately, we offer three types of recovery services to help restore your files if this nightmare happens to you.

Logical Data Recovery (£)

This on-site service is intended for easier-to-retrieve files, like when you’ve accidentally deleted a document, or if you’ve had a hard drive problem where serious hardware repair isn’t required. Logical data recovery also includes problems caused by virus or spyware infections and missing boot files.

Non-invasive (££)

This on-site service is intended for slightly trickier situations where drives are reporting errors, won’t mount, or are showing bad sectors. We’ll do our best to access the hard drive in our workshop and get those files back as soon as possible.

Invasive (££££)

A highly specialised option, this service is available via our selected partners. Sometimes a hardware failure requires tools and expertise beyond what we have available in-house, especially if a drive needs new heads installed, or a SSD chip needs re-soldering. These sorts of delicate fixes are done in a controlled lab facility called a cleanroom.

We are always happy to inspect the computer or drive that's suffered the failure and can then advise you on the best recovery technique for your situation.

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