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Our Dingwall workshop will be closed for the month of June. Our Inverness branch remains open as usual with all services and staff being available from that location. All phone numbers and email address remain operational as normal.

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Mac Repairs


No longer covered by AppleCare? Don’t worry—our Inverness and Dingwall workshops specialise in repairs and upgrades for out-of-warranty Apple Macs of all ages. No matter how old your machine and whatever the model, we can usually fix it.

Genuine New & Recycled Apple Parts

We stock everything we need to repair pretty much any Mac, which ensures we keep costs to a minimum. We have an impressive stock of genuine new and recycled Apple parts, including all the tiny screws and fixings unique to iMacs and MacBooks. When we must use third party bits or bobs, we’ll tell you up front and only ever use reputable brands. We do everything in our well-equipped central Inverness and Dingwall workshops, so your computer remains in our care at all times. We will never send your Mac to a third party unless you specifically request it.

Broken screens or busted battery?

We deal with everything from whistles and whirrs to water damage. It might be time to replace or service that long-dead battery. Perhaps the screen’s gone black as night, or you accidentally smashed it to smithereens. Maybe the cat knocked your favourite beverage over your MacBook, and now it just…fizzes. Whatever it is, we can help.

No fix? No fee.

So, you might not need to replace that old workhorse. Giving new life to an old machine is usually affordable, and in almost all cases the we carry out all work is on a no-fix no-fee basis, so there’s nothing to lose.

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Computer MOT

With our same-day Computer MOT service, we’ll take a look at your machine and give you advice on any repairs or upgrades that might be needed.

Computer Setup & Migration

Setting up a new machine is usually straightforward, but if you’re switching to a Mac or Windows system for the first time, we can offer a helping hand.

Windows PC & Laptop Repairs

Although you might know us as one of the Highland’s respected Mac repair shops, we are completely platform agnostic and more than happy to repair your Windows desktop or laptop, too.

How can we help?

We love what we do, we’re friendly, and we’re here to help whenever you need us. Send us an email, give us a call, or drop in at one of our locations.

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