Backup Solutions

It's all too easy to lose important data, so it's vital to have a backup system in place to keep it safe. There are many options available, both local and online. We would be happy to discuss the available options to find the right solution for you.

Years of experience has taught us that unless backup systems are easy and automated, they tend to get out of date and become unreliable. We can recommend a few solutions that help back up your data with minimal or no interaction.

Time Machine

Mac users are fortunate to have access to Time Machine, Apple's OS X based backup solution. Time Machine is part of OS X and in most cases is very simple to set up. Backups can be run to external hard drives, or even servers on a network. Time Machine is completely automatic, invisible, and allows for files (or even complete systems) to be restored or rolled back to previous versions.

Windows Backup (File History)

Microsoft offers a similar to solution to Time Machine with it's File History service built into Windows 10. Every hour File History backs up your entire user folder to a nominated drive. Files can be restored using the Restore app.


Whilst not strictly a backup service as such, Dropbox is an excellent tool to compliment your standard backup solution. Once installed, Dropbox adds a folder to your computer. Anything placed inside your Dropbox folder is instantly copied, securely, to Dropbox's servers. Dropbox requires an Internet connection with a reasonable speed to get the best out of it.

Online Backup

In addition to the above and as a further layer of protection, we can advise on the pros and cons of online backup solutions that are both highly secure and easy to use. These kind of backups provide an excellent way to further protect your data without even having to plug anything in.

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