Apple MacBook Repairs

Easily the most popular machine we see in our Inverness workshop, we can repair and troubleshoot almost any Intel based Apple MacBook from 2006 onwards.

MacBook SSD & Battery Replacement

Due to the solid nature of the design and build, the lifespan of most Apple MacBooks can be significantly longer than the period under which Apple will maintain and service them. We frequently see MacBooks in the workshop that are in the seven to ten year old range which require nothing more than normal wear and tear parts.

One of the most common repairs we undertake for customers is to replace the hard drive in their MacBooks. This can be due to failure of the original part, which is quite common, however it can also be done to gain a significant performance increase by replacing the hard drive with a solid state drive.

MacBook batteries are another common repair we see, as these can start to fail in older laptops depending on age and use. Some initial signs of this are quite obvious, such as the inability of the MacBook to hold a charge or turning off before the battery shows as empty. Less obvious issues such as an unresponsive trackpad can also be a sign of batteries starting to fail.

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Our workshop and studio is conveniently located in the Two/8 Studios building at 28 Church Street, Inverness IV1 1EH. Loading bays are available outside the studio, alternatively Rose Street carpark is only a few minutes walk via the bus station.

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