How To Speed Up Your Computer

If you're struggling with a slow computer, whether it's a desktop or laptop, there are few things that can be done to speed it up. Some of these options, such as upgrading with a Solid State Drive (SSD), can offer significant performance boosts.

SSD Installation

What Is A SSD?
A SSD or Solid State Drive has no moving parts and stores all of its data in microchips, much like a USB memory stick. This sophisticated form of storage has in recent years become a much more affordable upgrade option for almost any computer system.

Unlike a SSD, a HDD or Hard Disk Drive reads information using a mechanical arm. Nearly 60 years old, this technology is much slower than a SSD due to its moving parts. However the storage capacity of a HDD can be much greater than a SSD.

RAM Upgrade

What Is Computer RAM?
RAM or Random Access Memory is the piece of hardware on your computer which enables information to be stored and retrieved quickly whilst the computer is being used. RAM differs from other types of storage such as a CD or hard drive, which write and fetch data much more slowly. 

How Does Computer Memory Work?
Unlike a hard drive, RAM requires power to keeps its data accessible. When you turn off your computer, all of the information held in the RAM will be lost. RAM upgrades can bring noticeable benefits for relatively little outlay. 

OS Reinstall

Reinstall macOS / OS X
If you’ve been using your Apple Mac for many years, it is likely that the OS (operating system) has become sluggish. Free your Apple Mac from unused applications and temporary files with a clean OS installation.

Reinstall Windows
Reinstalling Windows is also a great idea for slow desktop computers and laptops. Just remember that as with Apple macOS re-installations, all of your files will be erased, so it is vital to have a back-up. With a fresh OS and your files in order, your desktop computer or laptop will be as good as new.

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